betting Sports Betting – Advanced Level

Sports Betting – Advanced Level

That line of thinking can often get people into trouble when it comes to advanced sports betting. The mistake that is made here is that a person puts too much emphasis on the “sports” in sports betting and not enough emphasis on the math.

The reason for that is fairly simple: very few people like math. What they do like is the idea that with a little bit of knowledge, they can win some big money doing something they enjoy (watching sports). However, in the advanced stages of sports betting, you can throw a lot of that “fun” right out the window.

The honest truth is that interest in advanced sports betting means that you have decided that you want to make some money sports betting on a consistent basis. There are some strategies you can apply when it comes to the actual sport, but for the most part advanced sports betting means paying a lot of attention to a lot of different numbers. What do we mean? Take a look below!

On arbitrage:

Remember, no matter how well you may know sports or even how much inside information you may have, gambling on an outcome in a sports event always entails some degree of chance. Advanced bettors eliminate this chance by concentrating on solid math equations and numbers (numbers never lie).

What this means for the advanced bettor is that a lot less time is spent watching games on television, and a lot more spent crunching numbers in front of a computer screen. Arbitrage betting is the best way to ensure winning when it comes to sports god55 casino.

In sports betting, arbitrage means finding different odds from different bookmakers, so that you are always guaranteed a win no matter which side wins in a game.

Basically, what you need to do is to find one bookmaker which offers certain odds on one side in a given match, and then find a bookmaker offering certain odds on the OTHER side in the same match. Here is an example:

Bookmaker 1 has odds of 1.10 on Team A and 8.00 on Team B

Bookmaker 2 has odds of 1.20 on Team A and 5.00 on Team B

If you bet $835 on 1.20 at Bookmaker 2, and $125 on 8.00 at Bookmaker 1, then the total amount you bet will be $960. If Team A wins, you win $1002. Subtract the amount you bet (and lost) at Book 1; the result is a $42 final profit. If Team B wins, you win $1000 and lose the $835 bet at Book 2, but you still gain a $40 profit.

Because the numbers were right, you stand to win a small amount no matter who wins. The money won will go up depending on how much you wager.

That, of course, is the key to arbitrage betting. The percentages returned are relatively small, so you only make money quickly when you wager big. That means you have to be extra careful with your calculations!

Aside from the amount of homework involved, arbitrage betting is getting more difficult as bookmakers try to align their odds in order to avoid the professional gamblers who use the technique.


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